Partybody is the world’s largest nightlife network…

Every photo you share or event you attend will tell Partybody a little bit more about your nightlife style and trends. It will connect you to other people with similar interests and recommend events to you based on what you and your compatible group are into.

…and as you use Partybody the better you make it for everyone else.

When you invite a friend to an event,  tag a friend in a photo, rate an event – even just viewing it – will shift the event’s popularity on the site. It will be recommended to different people because of you’ve experienced it firsthand. It will move up in our event listings and maybe other people will attend because of your opinion.

How it all started…

In early 2004, twenty one year old Rich DiFeo was in his sixth year as a  nightlife marketer, fresh out of The Art Institute of New York and at the peak of his promoting career. One night a  California native named Jon Holato, new to the east coast and a student at Seton Hall University, came to one of Rich’s events at a small lounge in NJ looking for his first shot at being a DJ. The two hit it off and shared the same passion for making it big in the nightlife industry on a national level. After Jon graduated Seton Hall, the two young men, now roommates, began to dream up a community for all party goers to connect with one another. DiFeo decided to expand his business knowledge, while Holato concentrated on his passion for programming. Four years later, they developed the innovative corporation that powers the site you are viewing today.

..and what we’re doing now…

After moving our office about 3 times and dealing with the utmost of adverse conditions, we are now headquartered in Wood Ridge, New Jersey, with branch offices in San Diego and Hollywood, California. Partybody currently has over 50,000 real members throughout all 50 states and many cities all over the world.  Our nightlife locations continue to grow due to the popular demand to share party life via the internet. When we look back to the days of beef & cheese and vodka we sometimes become nostalgic. But there is still a long way to go and a and vast network of sites to come. Luckily, we have all of you to help.

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